Your Complimentary Simply Feminine Image Evaluation
I am excited that you would like to learn more about your personal style. Thank you for taking the time to fill out this quick evaluation.

30 Day Gold Makeover Program

1 1/2 hour initial makeover session with author Morgan Wonderly over FaceTime or Zoom, covering...
*Color analysis,
*Closet analysis
*Wardrobe suggestions
*Makeup tips,
*Hairstyle suggestions
*Clothing styles that are congruent with your goals
*And 30 days of unlimited email coaching."
*You may be asking yourself, why the low investment? What's the catch? Great new: There is no catch!

I'm simply branching out in a new direction with my wealth of experience and insights on how to make women look and feel beautiful.

This is a limited time offer and I am excited to offer you my expertise as I begin providing my services virtually.

*Be sure to ask about my In-Person Comprehensive Simply Feminine Makeovers in Sunny San Diego where you can get in-depth personalized one-on-one attention with me!
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